About Us

Dynamic Santino Asia (DSA) is a dynamic company that imports and distributes a wide range of wines in singapore. DSA was founded by Theresa Wong and Valentino Deng in 2009. DSA represents many boutique wineries from all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Argentina, Chile and France.

In 2016, DSA expanded its market base to countries like Philippines and Vietnam with the partnership of our new investors. Nonetheless, DSA continue to seek expansion to potential countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar. On November 2016, DSA has proudly introduced its own label wine – 7 miles.

This special wine does not only marks a new milestone for DSA, but also represents the company’s 7 years of endeavours which made DSA strong, matured and resilient DSA.

Each individual winery has its own interesting background which makes their wines unique and special.

DSA brings these premium wines from their respective wineries straight into Asia which guarantee the quality of the wines as they are hand-crafted using traditional oenology practices by expert vintner.

These boutique wines are exclusively sold to the reputable hotels, resorts, duty free shop (DFs), restaurants and bars in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

DSA always believe in developing as well as maintaining a good relationship with its valuable clients to enhance and maximize the revenue growth for both parties. Therefore, DSA has been actively engaging its clients and customers to provide them with all kind of supports and confidence in carrying DSA boutique wines.